Free agents can in case of insufficients numbers of players not be taken in a team.
Don’t forget to confirm your participation by checking in 15 mn before tournament (players not checked-in will not participate).
After the end of check in (2:30 pm) it can take 20 min to complete teams and set up the brackets.
If you have any problems come in the HELP channel on discord.
Each team can receive 3 warnings (for bad behavior) before they get excluded.

Admins words are absolute – Screenshots are the only proofs usable

Don’t forget to register on League of legends community events to get your prizes.


  • Here is the Riot tournaments rules you can check it if you have any problems/questions about Tournament code system (this page is not a rules pages it is only for help to understand).
  • Teams must have at least 5 players.
  • Teams have to check in 15 mn before the start of the tournament.
  • respect your team mates and your opponents, no flame no insults, no toxicity. After multiple warning the team can be disqualified.
  • Behave in a respectable manner towards official tournaments.
  • In case of dodge in champ select the same bans and picks must be rerun again.
  • Blue/Red side is decided by whichever team is on top in the bracket, the team on top is blue side, the team on the bottom is red side.
  • Teams can have 15 mn break between each games.
  • Team must Check the roaster of their opponents to make sure that the players joining the game are the same registered in the tournament
  • If there is any problem the captain of the team (only him) can contact the admin on discord.
  • Please inform the admin if you stream you’re tournament