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ActiWard LoL CUP #32

20.000 RP and ...

Register to an online League of Legends tournament with 20.000 RP and skins prize pool. You can register for free as a Team or Free agent in EUW server.

LIVE Bracket



ActiWard LoL CUP Trailer Every saturday !

  • Watch the stream

You also can watch the ActiWard LoL CUP on Twitch.tv ! We are making some giveaways... Let's encourage your friends by writing a message in the chat. Our casters are commented all best match.

  • Duration 14:30 (CET)
  • Prizepool 20.000 RP

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Latest news

Stay tuned with

Latest news

news 8 March 2019

League of Legends :...

Riot Games just announced a big update for the Ranked system. This update only concerns Diamond+ players. RIP Challenger Players,,,

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tuto 19 February 2019

How to register for...

Hello summoner, thanks to participate to our tournaments. Here is how to register to our League of Legends tournaments as a,,,

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