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How to register for our League of Legends tournaments ?

Hello summoner, thanks to participate to our tournaments. Here is how to register to our League of Legends tournaments as a team and free agent.

Register as a Team

First go on the battlefy tournament page, read the rules, click on “Join as a team” and follow instructions.

You are now register on our tournament on battlefy but you also have to register on the riot LoL event page to get your rewards, link is in the description of the tournaments. All players must register individually specifying their team name.

Last thing, confirm your participation on battlefy 15 mn before the start of the tournament, if you don’t confirm you will not be able to participate.

Register as a free agent

To register as a free agents, it’s realy simple. Just click on “Join as a free agent” you will be added with other solo players on a auto-team. Please don’t forget to check-in 15 min before and register to the Riot event page for prizes.

Here we are, You are now registered, the actiward staff is still here to help you if you need.

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